Their Excellencies

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Introducing the 9th Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Sentinels’ Keep, Their Excellencies Caointiarn Comhthaistealaí and Morgan Thomas.


WELCOME!   Join us in the Barony of Sentinels’ Keep for merriment, friendship, and learning about the European Courts during the Middle Ages and Renaissance!   There is room for everyone to explore,  discover, and practice new skills and continue in arts that already fuel your passion.  We are an inclusive Society, where anyone can learn and teach their newest historical discoveries, be it in the Martial Arts, costuming, Heraldry, Bardic Arts, and so many other niches.  

As the Baron & Baroness of Sentinels’ Keep, We want you to find joy and satisfaction when you play in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  We can direct you to people who are willing to pass on their knowledge and skills in whatever field you wish to pursue.

 We look forward to meeting with you and introducing you to our Dream.


Banbharun Caointiarn   {ban-a-roon  ken-tee -air-n}

Hersyr Morgan     {hair – sear  mor -gan}



If you would like to recommend someone for an award for an award, please send an email to their Excellencies.
You can contact their Excellencies via email at:
If something needs to be scheduled for court at an event, please contact their Herald, or whoever is standing in for her at the event.