There are numerous awards in the SCA, at many different levels. This is meant as a guide not only to our local awards, but to other awards you might see in Artemisia. This list also includes the abbreviations used on other pages when referencing populace (for example: someone with an OL after their name would be a member of the Order of the Laurel). Our Barony’s local awards are featured first, then the list continues in order of precedence (Society, Kingdom, Principality (from when Artemisia was not its own Kingdom yet), and Baronial (other than local).

Remember, if you think someone is missing an award, recommend them! For Baronial awards, talk to the Baron or Baroness, write a letter, and make sure the intended recipient does not already have the prospective award. For Kingdom and Society level awards, talk to Their Royal Majesties, their heirs, and other members of the prospective order. Awards can’t be awarded if nobody knows the wonderful work your friends are doing!

Recommend a Baronial Award by emailing Their Excellencies at:

Recommend a Kingdom Award by emailing Their Majesties at:

Search through all Local and Kingdom Awards on the Kingdom website using their searchable database.  Awards are listed by person or by award.  Search here

Local Awards:

AgP = Argent Plume (for arts)
CH = Companion of the Crane’s Honor (for having served as Baronial Rapier Champion)
MtPearl = Order of the Pearl of the Mountain (highest award)
JK = Jewel of the Keep (for service)
OV = Order of Vigilance (for fighting)
RT = Raven’s Treasure (Baroness Gefjon’s award for personal service)
SCC = Siege of Cranes Combattant (for having served as Baronial Champion)
SFlag = Pendant Order of the Sapphire Flagon (for 7 years of service after receiving JK)
SilCr = Order of the Silver Crane (for service to the Baron & Baroness)


KSCA = Knight of the Society for Creative Anachronism (Peerage)
OL = Order of the Laurel (Peerage)
OP = Order of the Pelican (Peerage)
GA = Grant of Arms (confers title Lordship or Ladyship)
AA = Award of Arms (confers title Lord or Lady & right to bear “Arms” — e.g. to call one’s heraldic device “Arms”)

Kingdom Level:

CT Baron(ess) = Court Baron(ess) (carries GA)
Gryph = Gryphon of Artemisia (highest ideals of society, carries GA)
DWS = Defender of the White Scarf (rapier, carries GA)
DefCit = Defender of the Citadel (fighting, carries GA)
StrYeo = Strongbow’s Yeoman (archery, carries GA)
SunS = Golden Sun in Splendor (service, carries GA)
KeyX = Order of the Key Cross (arts, carries GA)
GT = Gryphon’s Talon (fighting, carries AA)
Leaf = Order of the Golden Maple Leaf (arts, carries AA)
Pil = Golden Pillar (service, carries AA)
GPhe = Gryphon and Pheon (archery, carries AA)
COr = Cheval d’Or (equestrian, carries AA)
GE = Order of the Gryphon’s Eye (research, carries AA)
GS = Gold Scarf (rapier, carries AA)
GPride = Gryphon’s Pride (Child’s Kingdom award)
GH = Gryphon’s Heart of Artemisia (service to TRMs)
GeC = Gratias et Comitas (grace, courtesy)
KC = King’s Council
QC = Queen’s Confidence
QLib = Quodlibet (for having served as the Bearer of the Shield of Chivalry, Bard of Artemisia, King’s Champion, etc.)
CBA = Golden Badger (fighting enthusiasm)
TANK = Artemisian TANK (Totally Aggressive Nasty Killers) Corps (fighting)

Olea = Order of the Oleander (for women participating in heavy fighting at Estrella; no longer given)
Fleur = Order of the Fleur de Soleil (for arts; Atenveldt)
HL = Order of the Hawk’s Lure (for fighting; Atenveldt)
Light = Light of Atenveldt (for service; Atenveldt)
Lion = Lion of Atenveldt (highest Atenveldt award)
QCyp = Queen’s Cypher
KSig = King’s Sigil

Principality Level:

GH = Gryphon’s Heart (for service to the Prince & Princess)
Leaf = Maple Leaf (for arts)
AOG = Artemisian Order of Grace
Legion = Legionnaire
PC = Prince’s Council
Pil = Pillar (for service)
RC = Royal Commendation
WS = Wooden Spoon (for overseeing a fantastic feast)

Baronial Level:

EyeS = Eye of the Swan (closed; given by HE Bronwen)
FAN = Fabrica Ars Nivilis (for having served as Baronial A&S Champion)
GoldLnk = Order of the Golden Link (for service; Montengarde)
HK = Heart of the Keep (closed; given by TE’s Guthrum & Catrin)
IronT = Order of the Iron Talon (for fighting; One Thousand Eyes)
JH = Jallerhorn (closed: given by HE Dan)
KeepNS = Keeper of the North Star (Arn Hold)
Opus = Opus … (for service?; One Thousand Eyes)
PeacH = Order of the Peacock’s Heart (for service; One Thousand Eyes)
StagH = ? (Outlands)
Swan&E = Swan and Escallop (One Thousand Eyes)