Medieval Combat

In the Society, we love to kill our friends—not hurt them! There are many ways you can experience the thrill of battle, whether young or old.

We have youth combat, using boffer (foam) swords and armor. This combat is broken into age groups for youth under the age of 16.

We also have rapier, which is similar to fencing (but more fun). This form of combat employs metal blade with rubber blunts (no sharp edges). Rapier is open to anyone ages 14 and up (with parental permission for minors).

Heavy combat is another option, and involves weapons of rattan, full suits of armor, and hitting really hard. While not for the weak of heart, this form of combat is how crowns are won. Heavy fighting is open to anyone ages 16 and up (with parental permission for minors).

Combined Weapons Practices are held nearly every weekend, usually on Sundays, somewhere within the Barony. Regional fighter practices are held on a Monthly basis during the winter, and there are regular fighter practices every weekend in Missoula. Locations change with the season, and availability, so please check back often as more information becomes available.

Current practice locations and dates can be found on our Facebook group, or by contacting the appropriate Marshal below:

Email Knight Marshal at: Knight Marshal

Email Rapier Marshal at: Rapier Marshal

Email Youth Combat Marshal at: Youth Combat Marshal