Archery and Thrown Weapons

archers_smWhether shooting at a target or a heavy combatant, archery and thrown weapons are activities both challenging and enjoyable (except, maybe, for any fighters you target).

Our Barony has a healthy supply of archers and thrown weapons enthusiasts, all willing to share their knowledge and love of the sport. Whether you are new to archery or thrown weapons in the SCA, or looking to enhance your rank through Royal Rounds, join us for practice! Youth ages 10 and up are able to participate in both Archery and Thrown Weapons.

Regular practices are not held during the winter months, though we may have the space and availability at one of our winter Regional practices. Please keep checking back for information as it becomes available, or contact our Marshals at:

Email Archery Marshal at: Archery Marshal

Email Thrown Weapons Marshal at: Thrown Weapons Marshal