About Us

The Barony of Sentinels’ Keep is an established branch of the Kingdom of Artemisia, and in turn, the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Personal information will not be published unless permission is first obtained from the specific individual. Permission must be received in writing or in electronic format; email being acceptable. Permission to Publish Forms may be found in the Library.


This is the Official website for the Barony of Sentinels’ Keep, an established group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and is maintained by the Web Minister.

As a convenience to our members, we have links from this site to many of the SCA branch pages. Links to these pages do not imply formal approval or ownership of those pages. In particular, we do not warrant or authorize any information contained on any page or link except those held at www.sentinelskeep.org and its subdirectories. Some of the links from our pages, if followed, may lead you to merchants and other commercial operations. We do not recommend, refer, authorize, warrant, or commission any of these merchants, and links to them from other pages we link to do not imply any such relationship.

This site may also contain electronic versions of the group’s governing documents. Any discrepancies between the electronic version of any information on this group page, and the printed version that is available from the originating office will be decided in favor of the printed version. Any discrepancies between this unofficial group page, and our official website, will be decided in favor of the Official Website. The original contributors retain the copyright of certain portions of this site. For information on using photographs, articles, or artwork from this website, please contact the Web Minister. The Web Minister will assist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our contributors.

Should you have any questions about our Barony, or about anything found on this website, or if you have suggestions for content changes and/or error corrections, please contact the Web Minister at: Web Minister